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Having the right supplies and equipment can make a huge difference in your writing. Don't forget to get a good chair. You will be spending a lot of quality time in it.
TMV Cafe. Welcome to the online cafe where their live and archived shows are produced by fellow writers, artist, and actors!

Various Awards:
The Darrell Awards * The Phillip K. Dick Award * The Edgars * The Hugo Awards * The Nebula Awards * The Bram Stoker Awards * The National Book Awards * The WSFA Small Press Award * The Pulitzer * St. Francis College Literary Prize * The Aeon Award *

Geek Tank Radio * Historical Haunts Memphis * Diversity Broadcasting Network * The UnReal Film Festival * Eastern Pennsylvania Paranormal Society

Writing Competitions / Markets:
Ralan.com   Asimovs.com   Light Speed Magazine.com   Clarkes World Magazine.com   Cemetary Dance.com   Charon Coin Press   The Horror Zine   Pro Se Pulp   Steampunk Chronicle   Aphelion Webzine   Seventh Star Press

Other Sites to Know:
Aardvark Screenprinting   Airship Ambassador   Albanlake Publishing   Disquieting Visions   Good Reads   PR Log.org   The Pulp Book Store   The Library at the End of The Universe   The Nocturnal Aesthetic Blog   The Midwest Book Review   Stevo's Book Reviews   White Pavilion Clothiers  
AnachroCon   Anime Blues Convention   The Anne Rice Vampire Ball & Undead Con   Cape Comic Con   CapriCon   ChattaCon   CoastCon   Con-Gregate   ConNooga   Con*Stellation   ConTemporal   ConTraFlow   DragonCon   GnomeCon   HallowCon   Hypericon   LibertyCon   Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention   MidSouthCon   MystiCon   Pensacola ParaCon   Play On Con   RavenCon   River City Comic Expo   ShadowCon   TimeGate  
Copyright your work today! The Internet means that the works of the newest writer can receive international exposure instantly. It also means that the ownership of your intellectual property is at risk. Do not take chances with your hard work, get an official copyright issued by the Library of Congress and protect your rights. The fee is low. Officially copyright your work today.
Library of Congress The Library of Congress is a resource that anyone involved in publishing should be very familiar with. It has great research facilities and interesting collections available. If you are trying to find that elusive piece of information that is critical to your story line, start looking here.
Cataloging in Publication Program Preassigned Number Control Program When the book is published, the publisher includes the CIP data on the copyright page thereby facilitating book processing for libraries and book dealers. The Preassigned Number Control Program allows the publisher to obtain this information before the book is published.
Your source for ISBN numbers. The Bowker Company publishes the definitive list of "Books in Print" and works with The U.S. ISBN Agency who is responsible for the assignment of the ISBN Publisher Prefix to those publishers with a residence or office in the U.S. and are publishing their titles within the U.S.