The Elysian Chronicles: A Prophecy Forgotten
M. B. Weston
6 x 9
348 pages
Hard Cover
ISBN 13:
Trade Paperback
ISBN 13:
For Young Adults and up
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Guardian Angel Warfare

When Major Davian, the most decorated soldier in the guardian angel military, is sent to earth to guard seven-year-old Tommy O'Connor, he thinks the assignment is beneath him. However, he soon discovers three alarming and critical facts.

*The fate of both Davian's world and Earth is tied to Tommy's life.
*The demonic forces his people have been fighting are intent on possessing the boy.
*A prophecy most of Davian's people have forgotten indicates that the existence of the child will coincide with the rise of a traitor who will take over Davian's homeland.

Davian is torn between protecting Tommy at all costs and preventing the conspiracy of his fellow soldiers to seize power.

The spiritual forces of legend are massing for war. The elite warriors of the Guardian Angels must act quickly to save those they protect and prepare for combat with their demonic enemies in the third great Battle for the City of Ezzer.

Book Two: The Elysian Chronicles: Out Of The Shadows

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