Young Adult Top
Sarah Miller and the Missing Necklace When Dragon's Sleep Creiton's Sword The Raven's War A Tall Ship, A Ship, And Plunder Stars' Fire by Natalie Silk Out Of The Shadows A Prophecy Forgotten by M. B. Weston

Mystery/Crime Top
Elmwood: Storiers To Die For Ghost Stories Bluff City Mysteries The Blood in Snowflake Garden by D. Alan Lewis

Non Fiction Top
Seance Experiments Battles: More Stories from The Mee Street Chronicles Searching For Spirits Afterlife Mysteries Revealed Miami's Dark Tales Herbs for Life Tales from the French Quarter The Mee Street Chronicles

Literary Top
Simon Phillpe by John Bruhwiler Allan Gilbreath: A Short Story Collection

Alternative History / Steampunk Top
Capes and Clockwork 2 Capes and Clockwork Lightning Bolts of Zeus

Fantasy/Dark Fantasy Top
Moonlight Sonata Chalice The Stone Maiden The Healer's Choice The Artifice Conspiracy The Big Bad II The Big Bad Stranger Worlds Full Moon Madness Crimson Revenant Crimson Shadows Crimson Night Crimson Kiss Siege Warriors: A Fantasy Anthology Knight of the Dove by William Kooiker Galen by Allan Gilbreath Dark Chances by Allan Gilbreath

Science Fiction Top
Tales From The Mare Inebrium Stars' Fire by Natalie Silk