Sarah Miller and the Missing Necklace
Heather Stowe
348 pages
Trade Paperback
For Mature Readers

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Missing Necklace

Magic Is Missing

Sarah Miller was your typical high school junior. She loved to shop, hang out with her friends, and read books until they fell apart. Magic was just make believe. You read about it in books or watched it in the movies, but everyone knew it wasn't real. Then, her world turned upside down on her sixteenth birthday and everything changed.

"So this means I am a witch? A real, spell casting, broom riding, cauldron-potion-brewing witch? No way!"

Many new questions weighed on Sarah's mind. Now, she has to choose between attending the magic high school or stay with the mundane school. How will she practice magic? If she does, will she be able to keep her old friends? How does dating work in this strange new world? What about her family? None of these will be an easy choice.

Just as she is beginning to learn about her new magical abilities, a powerful mystic artifact disappears. The magical necklace that protects her new world is missing. It's up to Sarah and her friends to protect the very existence of magic. Will she find the necklace in time; or is it already too late?

Enjoy a sample. Click the link and the pdf will open. Chapter One